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2020 The Start on a New Ascension Cycle

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

If you've had a rough year, I want you to know that 2020 is the beginning of a new ascension cycle where you can reap the rewards of all you've learned.

In 2020 remember a few key things:

1) Pay close attention to your instincts!

Over the last 12 months+ you've developed a solid intuition. It is time now to put it to good use! Do not treat "unfavourable" news as negative, it never ever is! Take action and begin to reap the rewards of listening to your gut THE FIRST TIME!! Don't wait, don't hate, just take action!!

2) Unfamiliar/Unfavourable circumstances are NEVER E.V.E.R what they seem. Take a wait and see approach to all occurrence because the Universe is A.L.W.A.Y.S ALWAYS working in your FAVOUR! (I can not stress this enough!) My mantra is: Let's see what how the Universe is going to unfold this one!

3) Follow your Joy! Do not let your brain tell you that you can or can not do something! If something excites you, take action and repeat the mantra "Let's see how the Universe is going to unfold this one".

4) Allow your higher mind, which is ACTUALLY in the driver's seat, do all the work. Your brain is there to EXPERIENCE only, your higher mind has the GPS coordinates all locked in and driving this vehicle of life; your brain is in the passenger seat experiencing and enjoying. The biggest mistake us humans make is that we try to preempt what is around the corner and attempt to take over the wheel. DO NOT attempt to take over the wheel, you will not know what is coming up next - that is not your job! Just trust that even though you can't see around the corner that you are going in the right direction!!!! Don't wrestle with your higher mind for control of the wheel, just KNOW that it has the whole trip mapped out. Trust! TRUST that every speed bump and every twist and turn is THE FASTEST route to your Joy!

5) Pray. Tell the Universe what you want. Tell it in great detail. Visualise it, feel it; draw your higher mind a blueprint of what you want to experience, then HAND IT OVER and wait and see the results. Again, just TRUST that every bump, twist and turn is the FASTEST route to your destination.

6) Be YOU! No more twisting yourself into a human pretzel to suit and please others, this will just keep your vibration low and it won't help them or you!

You made it through another year! For may of us it was a hard year. 2020 is going to be a different pace!

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you! I am blessed to have you all in my life!!! I look forward to more psychic connections, spiritual growth and truly ramping up the gears of ascension in 2020!

My inbox is ALWAYS open for anyone who wants to bounce things off a caring ear! You are never alone!

All my love,

Addie Babington!

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