• Addie Babington

How to use psychic predictions

There is no such thing as a predicting of THE future. There is a "sensing" of the energy that exists at the moment the prediction is made. If that energy doesn't change, if their is a lot of momentum behind it, it would like come into manifestation.

BUT! being made aware of the prediction, especially if you don't prefer what the prediction is saying about the present energy (about the present trajectory you're on) and where that could lead, then that could actually act to change the energy (and current trajectory) because you are now aware of it.

THAT'S really the purpose of predictions; to make you aware of energy patterns that exist in the present that COULD, if continued, come into manifestation, so that YOU GET TO DECIDE whether or not the manifestation is something you prefer, and if not, being made aware of the prediction, you can then change that energy, and allow a different manifestation, a different outcome to take place.

- Bashar

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