• Addie Babington

How to interpret your dreams

Research indicates that people -regularly- have dreams that predict future events. Keeping a record of your dreams will assist with unravelling what you're about to experience in your life!

Your dream state is a "buffer", so to speak, to your physical life. Dreams will allow you to KNOW what you are about to manifest into your life, BEFORE it comes into fruition. This can be extremely helpful, especially if what you've dreamt is something that is deemed unfavourable. If you have dreams about something that you deem unfavorable, or even perceived as negative, it is an amazing opportunity to look into the beliefs systems that created that manifestation in the first place; in other words, it allows you to take a different action, view things from a different perspective, essentially altering the future.


When you awaken from a vivid dream, begin to focus, not just on the detail of who or what was in your dream, or what you were doing, but also how you were FEELING in your dream. If you've woken from a vivid dream which gives you strong negative emotional feedback, it is a wonderful opportunity to say to yourself "Oh, I've got some unhelpful thinking going on here"!

UTILIZE your dreams as sort of advanced announcements of what you're currently attracting and creating in your life.. Because BEFORE something manifests in your physical reality, it will manifest in your dream state first!!

No one can interpret a dream for you, dreams are very personal. Identify the topic of your dream, and then identify how you felt in that dream.

For example: if you are having a rough time in your relationship, and you have a vivid dream that when you analyse it, you recognise that the "topic" you are dreaming about this relationship; it is important to note how you felt in your dream. If you felt positive emotion, that is a good indicator that you are manifesting something good. If you felt negative emotion in your dream, that is your clear indicator that you are manifesting more negativity in your relationship. Your feelings in your dream are always, always your indicator as to what you are about to manifest in your real life!

Dreams are extremely symbolic in nature; your dream sequences will not appear to you as you would expect physical reality to appear. In other words, dreams must be seen as symbolic; and the symbols can only ever be interpreted by you, as you are the one who is associating meaning to the different symbols that appear in your dream state.

For example: if a snake appears in your dream, it can be perceived in many different ways, by many different people. The reason for this is because the symbol has always got subconscious Association. Some people may perceive a snakes as a symbol for spiritual awakening. Others may have subconscious associations that a snake is symbolicly a sneaky person that appears harmless and friendly but it actually treacherous.


We live in a vibrational universe. Everything we think about (and feel) creates our world and all the experiences we have in it. Just like your thoughts create your reality in your Waking Life, the thoughts you have in your awake state also creates your dreams as well.

Once you understand; what you THINK and what you FEEL will always equal what you manifest -- you will then come to the understanding that you need to begin to pay attention to the things you permit yourself to think about for long periods of time. It is important to tune your thinking towards what you WANT..

BEFORE you manifest something you don't want! Once you have manifested bankruptcy, or a divorce, or an unwanted physical condition, it's much more difficult for you stop thinking and responding to it, as it is RIGHT THERE!


Well, once you have recognized that there is value and good information in your dreams, then when you get to bed at night, make the statement, "If there is anything of importance from my dream state, it is my intention to recall it when I awaken in the morning." And just sit with that intention for a few moments. When you awaken in the morning, lie in your bed and just ask the question, "Is there meaningful information from a dream I had? And if there is, give me a piece of it." And right away, within 2 minutes, if you begin to remember parts of your dream, follow the thread of it. If you don't recall anything, get up. Lying there longer isn't going to bring it.

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